Stories from our Star Wars Role-playing Campaign

This started as the sudden idea to write down what happened in our role-playing sessions, but it has very fast become a full-scale novel, and the second part is nearly finished now too. I know that, most of the time, role-playing stories make for very badly connected and pointless novels, so I left out whatever wasn't necessary and included things we never played to add some extra spice.

I decided to write the story down in English instead of German. I suppose I would have made fewer mistakes in German, but it wouldn't have been as much fun writing it. Don't worry about pronunciation, though. Apart from insectoid troopers like Sergeant Rrrrptriik, whom you can pronounce in whichever way you like, everybody is pronounced in an English way. Sole exception is Rhun van Leuken ("Roon fun Loykin").

People who have read novels by Aaron Allston, Michael Stackpole and David Weber will be able to tell who my role models are. *g*

The story starts half a year before the battle of Yavin - the Empire is strong and never supposes it'll ever be any different, and the Rebellion's struggle for survival is even more important than its struggle against the Empire . . .

Please note that I'm sorry to say the story won't be finished in the near future.
I'm so busy with things I either need to do in order to finish my education (exams) or keep me and my cat (and hubby :)) fed (commissions), that I haven't had time to write for months. Sorry! :(

I'd be very happy about feedback if you enjoy the story. I never intended it to be for anyone but for me and close friends initially, so I'd really like to know what other readers think of it.

Book One: The Path of Rebellion

Part One: Imperial Entanglements
Samica Trey, a female Imperial TIE fighter pilot, meets Alliance Intel agent Rhun van Leuken - an encounter that will change both their lives.

     - Chapter 1 (Not one of the Boys)
     - Chapter 2 (False Start)
     - Chapter 3 (Captured)
     - Chapter 4 (The Interrogation)
     - Chapter 5 (Through the Core)
     - Chapter 6 (Escape)

Part Two: Welcome to the Rebellion
After Samica has defected, she finds herself facing new problems, such as betrayal, suspicion within the Alliance - and, of course, the Imperial Starfleet.

     - Chapter 1 (Arrival)
     - Chapter 2 (Good-Byes)
     - Chapter 3 (Settling in)
     - Chapter 4 (First Mission)
     - Chapter 5 (First Disaster)
     - Chapter 6 (Gold Squadron)
     - Chapter 7 (Patriots and Pacifists)
     - Chapter 8 (The Battle of Suolriep)

Part Three: Yavin
The story winds up to the events of Star Wars: A New Hope.

     - Chapter 1 (Arrival at Yavin Base)
     - Chapter 2 (I Should Have Joined the Survey Corps)
     - Chapter 3 (Mr Darklighter's Misgivings)
     - Chapter 4 (Bad News)
     - Chapter 5 (The Death Star)
     - Epilogue

Book Two: Burning Bridges

Part One: No Son of Mine
Rhun and Samica are sent back to Rhun's homeworld Garon II, which is connected to unpleasant memories for both of them. Samica gets into trouble with her new squadron commander, and Rhun makes an interesting discovery.

     - Chapter 1 (Bad Dreams)
     - Chapter 2 (Colonel Salm)
     - Chapter 3 (Mission to the Past)
     - Chapter 4 (Family Man)
     - Chapter 5 (Old Friends, New Enemies)
     - Chapter 6 (Nightly Departure)
     - Chapter 7 (Father and Son)
     - Chapter 8 (No Son of Mine)
     - Chapter 9 (A New Beginning)

Part Two: Scorched Earth
This episode follows Samica's wingman, Josh Caller, and his growing uncertainties about the Empire, a resistance group on the Imperial colony world of Yaemon, and Samica's trouble with her commander getting a lot worse.

     - Chapter 1 (Caller's Dilemma)
     - Chapter 2 (The Usual Suspects)
     - Chapter 3 (The White Nebula)
     - Chapter 4 (Under Arrest)
     - Chapter 5 (Emperor Day)
     - Chapter 6 (Rhun to the Rescue)
     - Chapter 7 (Welcome to the Club, Josh)
     - Chapter 8 (The Omega Signal)
     - Chapter 9 (Sentinel Base)

Disclaimer: These are works of fan fiction. No monetary profit has been gained from their production and no copyright infringement is intended. The Star Wars characters and events used in this fan fiction are the property of George Lucas. This fanfic may not be republished in any way, shape or form without the consent of the author.